Wednesday, November 23, 2005


So, you remember how I said I gotta get me some Moda Dea Dream (no affiliation!) to make something for me? Remember that? Huh? Probably not, since I'm reasonably sure nobody reads this... but anyway, it was on sale this week for $3 at Michael's. Yummy! Yummy! Awww yeah! So now I have some and I'm planning to make a hat or something. You know. Something soft. I'll just start knitting and see how far it takes me. I got like five skeins. Mom and I also bought a bajillion skeins of Wool-Ease worsted, and yes, I know i'm not wool's biggest fan but it's dirt cheap and seems to be softer than plain old acrylic. And for a couple of newbie knitters like us, dirt cheap is the right price. Har har. I'm gonna make myself a sweater in Diet Coke colors (grey, white, black, and red)... Of course I need to finish up the armwarmers first but... uh. They just are going slowly. But I'm almost through with the knitting of the first one (with the easy part of it anyway), and now I need to do the thumb and the duplicate stitching and stuff. Only I can't do that yet because I'm not sure which is the front and which is the back. Also it's a little annoying because the instructions are written with the assumption that you're using five needles instead of four, which is cool, but I only have four #3 dpns so I have to do some extra math to figure out where increases and stuff go. It's not THAT big an obstacle, but enough to make me set it aside a bit more often than I might otherwise.

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