Monday, July 02, 2012

Going to Bed ...

Who knew it was something you could be bad at?
I was up too late, working on calculus homework (it's not due for another week) and I knew it was time to quit so I did... quit doing calculus. Because after that the internet was still full of delights.
So finally I mustered up the will to go to bed and remembered I needed to change my pillowcase. I removed the pillowcase from my makeshift pillow, which was just a pillowcase filled with shredded latex, and ended up with shredded latex spilling out. Well, that won't do. So I ---still staying up too late, mind you--decided to sew a zipper into a pillowcase to make my makeshift pillow an official one because I do like it.
So yeah, going to bed fail.

WHATEVER totally worth it.