Sunday, November 06, 2005

better late than never.... right?

Some photos of things I have knit! Hurrah! They're taken against my sheets which are soft and a solid color, but not the best background... I'll have to figure something out there.

I made these armwarmers for myself and called them finished but they're unusable as they are--I need to thread elastic through the ribbing at the top (I should have used a smaller size needle, but I FAILED!), and I need to do something about the part at the hand because I don't like the rolling up. So they're still a work in progress.

Legwarmers for my cousin Grace. She rides her bike to school every morning and likes to wear skirts rather than pants, so her legs get cold. I haven't gotten to see them on her yet. I made them of Wool-ease chunky, and did the whole thing in 2x2 ribbing because it's easy and stretchy. I hope they past muster!

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