Friday, April 13, 2012

Things that make me cry

Well, okay, it might not be entirely accurate to say that these things make me cry. It's probably more fair to say that they act as triggers. I think the tears are always just about a millimeter below the surface. So here we go, in random order, reasons I've cried lately:

  • Software updates
  • Google ads
  • Dietary restrictions
  • Joint swelling
  • Facebook
  • The telephone ringing
  • Work
  • Video games
  • Articles about people going through hard things, even when everything turns out ok
  • The level of cognitive dissonance other people just seem to be okay with
So basically I'm a mess. I don't like many things anymore, really. And, oh yeah, the way I always feel like I need to censor myself and can't just be honest, even in a blog nobody even reads, makes me cry. It's no wonder I have so few friends; I'm an insufferable drag.

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