Saturday, May 19, 2012

Cats of Valor

I was in the shower when Banzai started meowing pretty urgently at the door. I assumed he needed to use the litter box--why else would he be so urgent and insistent in his cries?--so I rinsed off and opened the door for him. He didn't come in though, he just stood there and continued meowing at me. Okay then. So we went downstairs, he and I, and there found Hazel playing with something. Well, okay, it was more like she was stalking it. Keeping an eye on it, maybe. So I switched on the light and
"Holy Crap."
It was a scorpion. I'm not sure when Timothy showed up, but he helped Hazel keep an eye on it too. "Don't touch that, you guys," I warned as I fetched a box from the recycling bin. "Seriously, don't," but they were at least showing me its exact location. The scorpion, likely wanting to get away from these creatures that are frankly massive compared to its own tiny carapace, crawled right into the box and let me deposit it outdoors. Thanks to my cats, the danger has been removed.
...And that is how I came to be out in the front yard wearing nothing but a towel at midnight.

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