Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Banzai has turned five!

So it's Banzai story time.

One morning a dreadful storm blew down the fence in the back yard. A neighborhood cat alerted us by staring intently at the spot. Not long after, the next-door neighbors' massive dog decided to check out our yard. No problem. Except that Banzai saw him.
Fluffed Banzai
He got fluffy.
The situation was resolved peacefully, as Rosco was more than willing to return to his home, and the fence was easy enough to prop back up and stabilize with a ridiculously heavy cast-iron chair that just happens to live in the back yard.

Banzai happy
This is the face of contentment. Someone to pet him, AND an afghan to snooze on!

Banzai toes


table cat

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