Monday, November 17, 2008

Resolved: No more woollergies.

Wow, it's been a long time.

I guess it's regularly a long time between posts, actually. But this time I have a really good excuse: I'm employed. It's temporary, and it won't last much longer, but I've been here since July and that's adding up to a decent amount of yarn money. My Banzai is trying to make sure that a lot gets spent on him as well, by having been diagnosed as having anxiety issues. He's on fluoxetine now, which thank goodness is a generic drug, but still. That's fifteen dollars a month for my cat to take Prozac.

Meanwhile, lately I've enjoyed torturing myself by looking at all the pictures of projects that people have made from Noro Kureyon, the yarn I'll probably never be able to use because I'm allergic to wool. Siiiiiiiiiigh.
It started when I saw this scarf on Knitty and said, "I must have it." Except that yarn with Noro-like color patterns doesn't occur in vegan varieties. There are self-striping cotton yarns, sure, but they always wind up with nasty and obvious spots of The Dark Color in the part that is supposed to be The Light Color, and the colors don't transition into each other, it's just a blunt (and sloppy) switch.

With this in mind, I've decided to quit being allergic to wool.
It won't be easy, and it may not be possible. But the other day I wore a pair of socks all day that have some wool in them (not too much) and they didn't make my feet itch much, so I figure that's a start, amirite?

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