Friday, March 16, 2007

Not-so-Local Yarn Stores

On Wednesday Mom and I made a trip up to the town of Boerne, just outside of San Antonio. We knew there was a yarn shop there so we set out to find it. Well, we had a hard time finding Rosewood Yarns, even though it's on Rosewood street and just off of Main. We seriously drove right by it without seeing it somehow. That turned out to have been Divine intervention because when we were lost we located another store by the name of Ewe and Eye. I don't know if she stocked every color of Tahki Cotton Classic, but she may well have. I scored a set of bamboo #0 DPNs which makes me happier than it should, and a spool of "Knitting-in elastic" in black. Yayyyyyyy for toys. Then we did eventually find Rosewood Yarn and they had banana silk yarn! I've long been intrigued by this, and since I've already gotten hemp, corn, soy, and bamboo yarns, banana was due! I could not wait to get home and play with swift, winder, and yarn and produce:
BALLS I love that the one on the right, which is called "Rangi Changi" looks like recycled sari silk, but without all the death!

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