Friday, February 24, 2006


No pictures.
Go cry about it.
I almost cried about it last night when I was happily knitting along on a sweater made of Lion Brand Homespun because darn it, I'm going to use that stuff up. I had my Denise circulars and things were just great till SNAP. Cable broke. Missed Arakawa's skating. I call this "Stitch and sonofabitch". So I had to do stuff to save the sweater and after that I felt pretty completely disheartened. And I don't even care about the olympics, I mostly do it because it's a way to hang out and socialize with mom and dad, so I'm not THAT bummed about having missed a figure skater, except she turned out to be the gold medalist. The fuels my theory that me watching is bad luck.
But that's beside the point.

I hate that yarn reviews, projects, everything everywhere is wool, wool, wool. Okay! FINE! I get that it's BETTER than the stuff I'm not deathly allergic to. I'm gonna cry about that too. Knitting world can kiss my aspartame.

So current knitting projects are:
1) get new cable for Denise Interchangeables.
2) Do that other crap I've been meaning to do.
The problem is I just don't FEEL like it anymore. Why bother? Plus I've noticed myself being too AR about my knitting. That's fine. I'm like that. But the reason I loved it when I started is because I'd make mistakes and that was OKAY. I could accept that I'm not perfect, I'm just a beginner. That's gone now and I don't know why.

It might be because of those overachieving knitters who start knitting one day and the next day they've created a custom sweater and have sold it for big bucks. I hate those people. Because YES, I'm jealous. FINE. Shut UP.

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