Thursday, January 26, 2006

WAAAAAY overdue (bonus: crappy layout!)

Headline NewsI made the "Headline News" Cabled newsboy cap from Stitch n Bitch Nation (which I got for Christmas) using some pretty and soft-feeling red yarn and lo, when I put it on it was like no time at all before my face got just ALL itchy and turned around the hairline. So I washed it and after that, the same thing happened. Clearly, wool + my face don't mix.
That hat found a home with someone at church, and I re-made it using some Caron Simply Soft in Autumn Red. It's lovely and I wear it all the time. I plan to make another, probably in black.
Eden hat

This is a hat for Rachel made from Moda Dea Eden and using the only knitting pattern that they even HAVE for it on the website.
It isn't done yet; I still need to weave in ends and make the pompoms and the scarf to match, since I had to order more yarn of the "Apple" color for it. But Rachel wanted to wear it anyway. She's super awesome.

The Sweater. I'm determined to use this homespun! I'm doing it as a top-down raglan this time, so there are no seams, HOORAY! I still think it's pretty, if a little MUCH as far as number of colors per inch.

This is half a pair of "Warmer World Wristers" that I made both at the same time using the pattern from the Knitting Pattern-a-day calendar. I'd show both, but I needed one hand to take a picture and it's not like they don't look the same. They're made in Wool-ease. It itches a little. Maybe if I wash them that'll stop, or maybe I'm just that allergic to wool.

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Topacio said...

hi, i found this link on ravelry, and i saw that you made the cable newsboy cap several times, and you made it in the same yarn I'm using, caron simply soft. did you have to change needle sizes?