Thursday, December 08, 2005


I'm nearing completion on armwarmer #1 and have done the duplicate stitch of the first snowflake design:

That's my hand you see in the picture--all wrapped up in an elastic bandage because for reasons unknown, it started hurting a few days ago. My best guesses are that I slept on it funny or that I strained it trying to open something. Whatever happened, though, it sucks because it's been making knitting harder and slower. Mom says I should go to the doctor, but almost every time I go to the doctor, I regret that I did because they tell me something like, "Just take advil and rest it." and stuff like that, that I've already been doing. What a waste!
My aunt gave me a (belated) birthday gift a couple days ago, too: the knitter's handy book of sweater patterns and the knitter's handy book of patterns, as well as some money that will almost definitely go toward buying yarn. Yum, yum, yarn. I've already started making a drop-sleeve sweater from the book, because it's easy. And I have the homespun just sitting around after I frogged my horrendous previous attempt at a first sweater. Yes, I'm learning! I've learned that I really am just a beginner and I shouldn't push self too hard.
I'm knitting the sweater in the round instead of straight, so that I won't have to sew any seams, because seams are the devil.

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