Monday, October 10, 2005

No pictures! OH!

yarn was on sale today, so I bought five skeins of homespun to make myself a new huge sweater because my old huge sweater, which I've worn for like ten years, is kinda falling all apart. So sad! But the new one is gonna be DAMN soft.
I also bought a skein of wool-ease because a) it was only $1.77 and b) I wanna make a hat. I'm thinking of doing the "Lady" hat at but I'm also thinking, since I got a dark and kinda warmish green color (Loden), this might be a fun time to make the "Cthulhu chullo" I dreamed up a few weeks ago because I liked the way it sounded (am I shallow or what?) I would make it using for the reference on that hat and good ol' google for references on Cthulhu.
Also I figured nobody else would have one. But it's maybe a little beyond my abilities.
Yesterday mom bought one of the hugest books I've ever seen, by Leisure Arts. It has lots of pages. Heeee!

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